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What are the Barcelona Coffee Awards? (And how to attend)

The spectacular three-day event is returning to the heart of Barcelona for the second year in a row. Get your tickets here!

Coffee is a large part of Spanish culture. Many gather, sip, connect, and socialize through the beloved and full-bodied drink. While the tradition of coffee drinking has remained the same, its process, roasting techniques and creativity have reached new levels. Specialty coffee has become increasingly popular, and many seek out one-of-a-kind coffee experiences.

The Barcelona Coffee Awards (BCA) is an event that celebrates those experiences and the artistry of specialty coffee with a three-day interactive experience, located in Nau Bostik from September 29 to October 1.

After a successful first year, the festival has returned with many new editions. Guests can try coffee from over 30 roasters around Spain and Europe, watch live roastings and engage with sponsors. Passionate roasters and the finest baristas are united in a vibrant and collaborative space to bring coffee connoisseurs a unique experience in the heart of Barcelona.

Sponsors like Oatly and Faema will be featured collaterally with representatives from green coffee-producing countries to create an inclusive and immersive cultural experience. Locals, families, tourists, and ex-pats can experience gastronomy, drinking, art, and live music, in a delicious environment that showcases coffee-making at its finest.


📅 Date: September 29, 30 and October 1.

🕒 Hours: 10:00h. - 22:00h.

📍 Place: Nau Bostik, La Sagrera, Barcelona. Accessible for people with reduced mobility.

🎫 Price: 6 euros/person. Kids under 12 go free.

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