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Developing marketing assets for promoting their partnerships

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Background of the brand

The circular economy movement has ceased to be a trend and has become a reality for Simplr: the first marketplace that offers all the products and services necessary for daily life through easy-to-use subscriptions.


Simplr is on a mission to transform the way of consumption in large cities, betting on a 100% flexible and sustainable way allowing products to be reused. 


The company also promotes the access economy by making certain goods more accessible to everyone through its platform, which already counts more than 200 partners in Spain. Simplr is also negotiating with global partners in various sectors all over the world. 

The assignment

The company needed support in drafting content to address the communications of numerous partnerships, usually published through internal channels and social media. We also support them in the design of content used for international events.



Content writing from scratch (communications for both partnerships & events)


Creation of marketing emails and blogs articles


Developing graphic design material (exhibition booth, flyers, cards...)


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