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Creating a powerful 360º brand identity for a new app

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Background of the brand

Sense is an all-in-one shopping platform founded in 2021 by two young entrepreneurs Maximo Robles and Alicia Diaz.

They're on a mission to simplify the way people access any kind of product. With Sense, people can centralize all the products they like the most in one single place, allowing them to find-save whenever they are ready.

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The assignment

As a new startup, Sense needed to be set up from scratch. That being said, we developed their brand identity from the logo conception, the color palette to illustrations. We also manage the content and graphic design of their social media on a monthly basis.



Create a social media strategy from scratch.


Build an editorial calendar on a monthly basis.


Create graphic visuals (infographics, reels, photos...)  


Supporting in graphic design material (Landing pages, ASO screens, Newsletters, Banners, Flyers…

Logo creative concept

Where both online and offline worlds come together to be integrated and centralized in one place.  


Color psychology


Blue represents trust and responsibility and it is often viewed as a non-threatening color. Green represents new beginnings and growth and has many of the same trustworthy attributes that blue has, but it also incorporates some of the energy of yellow. Brighter greens like this one are more energizing and vibrant. For special cases, a gradient from blue to green is used.

We combine cold with warm colors to create the perfect harmony and balance. The intention is to create contrast to highlight what we want so that the message is understood. Cold with warm colors create tension. When that tension appears forces the brain to stop and pay attention. Color pairings are useful for adding variety and expressiveness to Sense's messaging.

Illustration/Graphic elements


Content creation

We have created the social media content strategy and currently manage their Instagram account and give support in other graphic design materials since July 2021.


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