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Branding and graphic design

Towards a memorable brand to increase leads and sales.

It’s no secret how critical branding is to a business’ success. From creating customer trust and loyalty in a product or service, to communicating who you are as an organization and why people should choose you over the competition - good branding goes beyond simply having nice visuals or catchy slogans; it establishes the deeper cultural core of your company that can be reflected both externally and internally.

Branding services Flatwhite studio

What we can do for you


Brand strategy

Visual identity & Tone and voice

Brand guidelines

We make your brand 360º

Step 1

Strategic plan

  • Audit Your Competition

  • Write Your Branding Brief

  • Define a Visual Direction


How we work


We analyse

We’ll do an audit of your brand to get to know you better.



We listen to you

To understand what you need and your objectives as a brand.

We create

We act

We implement our strategy to reach the best results.


We design a realistic strategy with purpose.

Why is brand identity so important?

Because is the "Face" of Your Business

Having a solid brand identity is essential to any business. A successful visual representation will not just look attractive, but help to set the right expectations for customers and associates alike!

Because it generates credibility and trust

Crafting an engaging presence that remains consistent over time cements loyalty among those who interact with your business leading to success for all involved!

Because it helps you draw new customers while delighting existing ones

It can be the spark that brings them close to you, as well as shape their opinion of your product or service. 


So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us today and let's get started!

Our plans

Logo audit/redesign


Redesign an existing identity:


It can be only the graphic aspect or also include the messaging.

Graphic universe




Color palette






Graphic elements


Brand book



Brand strategy 

All inclusive




Color palette






Graphic elements


Brand book


Brand Strategy

Frequently asked questions

Yes, sure but if you also need a complete visual identity, we can also help you. The visual identity of a brand is a system of elements or characteristics that the brand has, making it unique and differentiated from the rest. These elements work together to provide unity, consistency, and flexibility across the various media, which are then embodied in the brand manual.

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